A steamship that sank in 1840 after colliding with another ship off the coast of South Carolina contains a trove of rare gold coins, according to the dive team salvaging the wreck.

The SS North Carolina sank on July 25, 1840, after colliding with its sister ship, the Governor Dudley.

In a statement, Blue Water Ventures International and Endurance Exploration Group explained that the dive team and the recovery vessel arrived at the site in late September. “Gold coins, marble, dinnerware, and brass spikes, used in the ship’s construction, were among the first shipwreck items to be found,” they said.

The collision did not result in any loss of life, as SS North Carolina’s passengers were safely transferred to the Governor Dudley. “However, passenger baggage and ship’s cargo were lost in the sinking,” said the companies involved in the salvage project. “It has been estimated that the hard currency lost on the SS North Carolina would be worth many millions of dollars in today’s value.”

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