written by Shellie Bill

As we enter into a new year, we complete our tenth month since our daily lives have been drastically changed due to COVID-19.  Most of us have had friends and family members or even ourselves who have been infected with the disease and have suffered anywhere from minor symptoms to the ultimate cost of not being with us any longer.  All of our daily lives have been affected, but we have continually moved forward and learned new ways of navigating through our days, both through our businesses and our personal lives.  Through our businesses many people have become very proficient in utilizing various methods of communication such as:  Facebook Live, digital catalogs & specific posts to showcase merchandise on Social Media platforms, texting and actually calling contacts with gift ideas. 

This year has been exhausting, both mentally and physically, but through determination and perseverance, there have been many victories and it is time to bring this momentum into the new year.  If you haven’t already started, it is time for Follow Up!

The Jewelry business is and always has been a way to express emotions, whether it is to say Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Festivus (etc.), I’m Sorry, Congratulations, the list goes on and on!   But the most important for thing for jewelers to express now, is to say Thank You to those who helped to make this challenging season a success.  It is time to get out your contact information, including the sales receipts and write Thank you cards to all.

As previously mentioned throughout the past year, most of us are truly missing that personal connection with almost everyone who resides outside of our individual households.  During the past season, we were able to connect with those that may have done business with us for many years and also been able to start new relationships with many more.  These individuals have made the decision that you were the one to help them express their special emotions through the gift of jewelry.   It is time to show these connections how much we appreciate these relationships.

We all receive mail, whether it is the never-ending bills, sales flyers or personal mail.  Over the years, many have cut back sending cards for special occasions, but there still are those who go old-school and send greetings through snail mail.  How special did you feel when you sorted through the mail and saw something that was actually personally, hand-addressed to you?  I would guess that may have been the first piece of mail that you opened that day!

Let’s pay that feeling forward through a handwritten expression of gratitude!  Since many of us may not have written a Thank You card in a while, here is a refresher on how easy it is!

A Thank You card should:

  • Be handwritten & hand addressed
  • Contain a personal note of appreciation referencing the item purchased and the occasion
  • Have your signature
  • Include your contact information

It may be difficult to get started, but it should become easier with each additional card that you write and this should become a habit not only during holiday season but throughout the year, as well. 

True story:  I sold a two carat diamond to a woman after she received a Thank Card from me.  I thanked her for allowing me to clean her beautiful jewelry for her!  The jewelry ALL had been purchased at other stores! This outcome will obviously not be repeated with every Thank You written, but I will guarantee that something positive will occur, whether or not we actually witness it and sometimes we are fortunate to the reaction.

Communication is a give and take.  We get what we give!  It is always important for us to be appreciative for what we receive.  The genuine gratitude that we feel will be seen and felt by others.  Energy is infectious, both good and the opposite.  Be a source of good energy by making a practice of finding something to be grateful for and showing thanks.  We will all be better for it and by showing thanks, we all have the opportunity to create both life-long business and personal relationships!

Let’s get busy, start writing and get those Thank You cards in the mail.  After you have mailed them, take a moment to relax, then it is time to get back to business – remember, Valentine’s Day is Sunday, February 14th!