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A Pink Diamond Bracelet Could Fetch $3 Million at Sotheby’s

Written by jewelerssuite

A pink diamond bracelet adorned with over 200 diamonds, ranging in color from purplish pink to red, is expected to fetch in the region of $3 million at Sotheby’s sale of magnificent jewels in New York on Dec. 10.

“The Indian Blue,” a fancy deep greyish blue diamond ring, weighing 7.55 carats and with a presale estimate of between $6 million and $8 million, is the most valuable piece on offer.

Created by New York-based Carvin French Jewelers, the bracelet’s diamonds are sourced from the Argyle Mine in Australia, which supplies about 90% of the world’s pink diamonds.  

“This is an amazing bracelet, featuring pink and four very rare fancy red diamonds,” says Frank Everett, senior vice president at Sotheby’s Jewelry. “With the planned closing of the Argyle Mine in late 2020, there will be a shortage of pink diamonds” going forward, he says.

Sotheby’s sale of magnificent jewels will also include other colored diamonds alongside the classic white. 

Everett’s personal favorite is a pair of fancy light brown-pink diamond earclips by Harry Winston, weighing 12.41 carats and 11.15 carats, respectively. 

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