If she’s not running the store at Nancy & Co. Fine Jewelers in Northport or Demopolis, Nancy Dawkins might be busy at the helm of the Alabama Jewelers Association – or rescuing a dog for Canine Compassion Fund – or deliberating on the Planning and Zoning Commission – or teaching a class in cake decorating.

The woman stays busy.

Nancy started in the jewelry business after high school in 1982. “I thought I wanted to be an interior decorator, but just after I started college a jewelry store in Tuscaloosa offered me a job. I quit college when I decided to go into the jewelry business. My parents said, ‘OK, try it one year.’ I did, and never went back. I’ve been doing this 37 years!”

Nancy worked for two jewelry stores before launching her own business. She and a partner ran a store called The Goldsmith, Inc. from 1990 until 2002, when she bought her partner out. Nancy & Co. Fine Jewelers was born.

“I changed the name of the store,” Nancy says. “I thought The Goldsmith, Inc. sounded dated, like we were a repair shop only. Nancy & Co. Fine Jewelers sounded more professional. I decided to use only my first name because I realized most of my customers knew me as Nancy at The Goldsmith and didn’t have a clue as to my last name.”

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