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Anna Zuckerman Luxury: The Czar’s jeweler has moved to Boca!

written by Lee Wiser McIntosh

Trend forecasters consistently say that once COVID-19 no longer preoccupies our thoughts and directs our actions, people will abandon the WFH wardrobe and will dress again. We will go out. We will celebrate with friends. We will show up with new appreciation for the people and events in our lives. I believe that to be true and that the pendulum is set to swing wildly towards optimism. Enter Anna Zuckerman Luxury, a jewelry retailer new to Boca Raton’s tony Mizner Park. Her jewelry knows how to party. 

Anna embodies old time Hollywood glamour. And quite frankly, it’s refreshing during this time when no one even bothers with lipstick. Likewise, her eponymous store reflects that and her collection is unapologetically glamorous.

She arrived in the United States from the former Soviet Union in 1990 with jewelry deeply set in her DNA. Her father, a talented goldsmith was her earliest influence and the rich cultural oxygen she breathed inspires her collection today: “…the majesty of the Russian Czars, the grandeur of religious architecture, and the beauty of the Crown Jewels.”

The jewels are classical and proportionally perfect. Large center stones in rings and big important colored stones in earrings, The collection features Platinum plating over sterling silver with construction that is substantial without being overly weighty. Exactly what you would expect from fine jewelry. Her intrinsic philosophy drives her to create accessible beauty proven by the average entry price point of $199 and her value proposition does not disappoint. Who wouldn’t want a ring featuring a big Asscher cut flanked by pears? Because even though we may return to dressing up, 2020 has changed our attitudes toward shopping as well.  

“Luxury should be inclusive to all. I found a way to synergize Eastern European opulence, contemporary American sophistication, and my own masterful edge to create stunning jewelry at an affordable price.” ~ Anna Zuckerman

The names of the jewels (Valentina, Princess Philodendron, Princess Svana of Western Skyrim to name a few) are evocative of another time and place, and the product descriptions are dreamy stories that elevate the jewels and give the collection a historical context amidst a fairy tale. Lest you think that all her designs are classical in nature, she surprises and delights with these fun, exotic fanciful bird earrings. Slip these on this winter and you’ll be magically transported to Florida’s Gold Coast.

Anna Zuckerman Luxury has struck a solid balance between brick and mortar, e-commerce on her website, and wholesale to other retail outlets. Properly placed, the Anna Zuckerman Luxury collection fits in the fine jewelry store because her signature big look comes at an approachable price point. Her pieces leave an impression and would be a perfect “travel” solution for the fine jewelry store’s customer who doesn’t want to travel with her fine jewelry. Yes. Say it with me: “We will travel again.”

Every inch of her 900 square foot flagship store counts. The space is airy and light-filled, yet filled with opulent textures and luxurious details.  It will provide her customers with an immersive experience of glamorous rings, bracelets, necklaces and yes… tiaras. (As a designer, I would lament not being in a market with a rich tiara culture. Well, Anna Zuckerman Luxury has changed all that and I applaud her.) The elegant decor features stunning acrylic turquoise and with a wink to Fabergé, composite malachite panels. She worked closely with Albanese Development, a local Boca Raton luxury builder, to realize her vision of a special place where women can play with fabulous jewelry they can actually afford. The space envelops the customer in luxury while facilitating conversation where relationships can be cultivated.

“Now, more than ever, we need to be reminded of our worth. I want empower every woman today to embrace her beauty, confidence, and strength.” ~ Anna Zuckerman

Timing’s everything. Anna Zuckerman Luxury is scheduled to open in November in time to add lots of sparkle to the holidays in Boca. Additionally, with the significant influx of annual residents to Boca Raton, the store will be opened year round. 

Let’s hope that the days of the WFH “jammies on the bottom/business on the top” aesthetic are coming to a close so we can show up dressed for the occasions and perhaps even wear a tiara. (I know just the place where you can find one.)


How has your jewelry wardrobe changed during COVID-19? What are some wardrobe changes you plan to make when we are past this? What do you do now with your jewelry and wardrobe to lift your spirits?

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