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Anyone selling diamonds should read this! It will increase consumer confidence

written by Aleah Arundale

Why Diamonds are a Good Use of Money

  1. Diamonds are the most concentrated form of storing wealth.
  2. There is an international demand for diamonds.
  3. Diamonds do not wear over time. Cars rust, furniture wears, flowers wilt, but diamonds truly do retain value.
  4. They offer financial privacy not available elsewhere. A diamond investor has 100% direct ownership of a portable tangible asset of proven value.
  5. Since 1934 Diamond prices have increased more than inflation.
  6. Diamonds retain their value despite a down economy.
  7. There is a universal belief that diamonds have enduring value.
  8. Diamonds do not incur property taxes or require liability insurance.
  9. Unlike commodities and most investments, diamonds are insulated from the daily fluctuations of the markets and are not as likely to reflect sharp price changes.

Fun Things to Say to Help Sell Diamonds

  1. You are going to be married for 50 years. So, when you think about it $100 PER YEAR for the ring of her dreams is a great value! Now, how would you like to pay for it?
  2. You only live once! You deserve it!
  3. What else can you wear every day for a 1000 plus years?                                   
  4. Diamonds are one of few things whose beauty is not affected by age.
  5. A diamond is the smallest, most universal form of   transportable wealth.
  6. A diamond is cut by hands as skilled as a surgeons’.                                        
  7. This is the oldest thing you will ever own.                                                              
  8. This is a couch protector. This will keep you from sleeping on the couch!
  9. How many purchases can you pass down from generation to generation?
  10. Diamonds are like art.  You can enjoy it and its’ value does not diminish!
  11. With Olympian Diamonds you can always trade in and up.
  12. This Diamond has been an orphan its whole life, won’t you adopt it?