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Argyle Pink Diamonds

written by Kyle Pancis

Finding new ways to drive cash flow to your business today has been one of the most important topics for many retail operations around the country! Many have been super busy and have had a fantastic year, but driving home those fourth quarter sales will be important. Today, offering a unique and exclusive product to your clients, especially your heavy purchasers can be imperative to larger sales! That’s why I am suggesting we connect on the topic of Argyle Pink Diamonds.

Argyle pink diamonds are said to be one of the most exclusive color diamonds the world has ever seen. They are commonly touted as the “Greatest form of Concentrated Wealth”. Argyle, located in East Kimberley, Australia will be closing its operation in November, 2020. This will be leaving many of us collectors with assets to soar!  According to David Fardon, a successful retailer in Australia in regards to argyle’s closurer, has said “At its peak production, the mine produced a quarter of the world’s diamond supply, and when Argyle shuts down, it’s been estimated global diamond production will drop off by 10 per cent.” When Mr. Fardon compares yellow diamonds to pink diamonds, he says “To put that in context, when you’re looking at something similar in pink you could be looking anywhere these days between 25-50 times the price.” This alone elaborates the scale and powerful message behind a pink diamond.

I am stressing all these details because I want you to connect these ideas with your clients today. Pink diamonds sell themselves with their beauty alone. However, having knowledge is power and will be important when closing a sale. Argyle pink diamonds come in many different shapes, sizes, clarities, and of course color. This means there is a diamond for anyone with any budget and the sale is just as much fun and unique. My company, Gems by Pancis has been involved with this product line for over 4 decades and with our knowledge and product we can ensure an opportunity to close sales in this unique segment.

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