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Bluestone Editorial: My Most Versatile, Timeless Piece of Jewelry

written by Morgann Grampp

In the mirror I notice a subtle sparkle that reflects a natural beauty and elegance, a focused brightness that only a pair of diamond stud earrings can show. In an instant, I feel confident and empowered. My diamond studs are a winning choice no matter the occasion, pairing with jeans or a girls’ night out just as effortlessly to a friend’s wedding. The finishing touch and polish they add to my entire wardrobe communicates a plan and purpose I didn’t need any time to perfect. I love the way the light catches the gems as they peek through locks of hair just as much as a slick ponytail displays them with significant simplicity. Every woman should feel so self-assured when they step out for coffee or a night on the town, and wearing diamond stud earrings helps to accomplish this simple yet dazzling feat.

My choice in quality diamond stud earrings lie in the GH I1 range; this isn’t the occasion to get distracted by D color or VS-SI clarity. The difference between a D color and GH when a diamond stud is long distance from your view is virtually nil. In my years working in the industry, I’ve never had someone bring a loupe to my ear inspecting my diamonds! Brightness is the key to movie star sparkle in your diamond studs, so I always recommend to focus on cut over clarity.

At Bluestone Trading, we’re selecting the best quality stones for gorgeous earrings in our new diamond stud program. Offering beautifully cut stud earrings with a realistic price point to your customers is exactly what we aim and promise to deliver. We’ve done our research, and with the most popular sizes ranging from ¼ ctw – 2 ctw, we’re stocked up and ready to deliver the quality and specifications your customers want. Designed to sell, our elegant stud earrings are priced and selected to move, setting up our customers for success.

As the world speeds up again, the everyday woman is looking for that simple yet elegant piece of jewelry they can wear everyday and for all occasions- presenting the diamond studs as an undeniably desirable option. And the uncertain gift giver is saved from selecting size or style preference on a hunch. After all, every woman loves receiving a magnificent pair of diamond stud earrings, adding the potential for a future sale to upgrade those effortless beauties. I can’t imagine any woman being upset with getting bigger diamonds!

The ultimate customer is always on my mind when thinking about the significance of a jewelry purchase. What they want in a piece of jewelry and why they might want particular pieces are driving forces for my work here at Bluestone. As we were developing this program for diamond stud earrings, I thought of all the women that are going to look in the mirror and have the same feeling I had when I tried on diamond studs for the first time. These women are going to see the brightness and sparkle only a diamond can deliver, the way it highlights their presence and gives them confidence and power to face so many situations. We at Bluestone aren’t simply in the luxury goods industry. We create memories and make our ever-changing world brighter, more accessible and beautiful.