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Bluestone Offers Free Diamond Classes to Jewelers Nationally

Multiple times every year we break the horrible news to a jeweler who bought a stone they thought was a genuine diamond: they had mistakenly purchased moissanite or CZ. This costly mistake should not happen to you or your staff. And frankly, in a downturned economy, it is more important than ever to arm your staff with the education needed to detect moissanite, CZ, lab grown, and enhanced diamonds. 

We at Bluestone Trading want your store to succeed, and believe that education is the key. This is why we have developed and launched a free virtual diamond workshop with hands-on training to help your team on everything from diamond fundamentals to identifying clarity enhancements and simulant diamonds. 

The words “virtual” and “hands-on” aren’t typically used to describe the same event, but we know from generations of experience that diamond education needs to be taught with physical sample: thus, we overnight our fundamentals toolkit, including moissanite, CZ, enhanced, and lab grown diamond samples to your store. Then we virtually meet with you to teach you what to look for and answer any questions you have. 

Bounce Back with Bluestone 

COVID forced businesses across the world to either slow down or screech to a halt. While business never completely halted a Bluestone Trading, we took the state-wide shutdown as an opportunity to take a step back and analyze our business, find ways to improve, and most importantly: find ways to help the industry.

We improved our educational resources, launched our recycled diamonds initiative, and started our Bounce Back with Bluestone campaign. The Bounce Back with Bluestone campaign is centered around our programs and benefits that stores can use when working with Bluestone to bounce back from the economic downturn. These include our no-cost memo services, expert advice, free overnight shipping, top dollar offers, same-day payment, and entire store buyouts. 

As part of bouncing back, we re-structured our hands-on diamond labs so that social distancing is not an issue, and samples can be passed from one person to another. We have also created individualized diamond fundamental booklets so that each participant can move forward at their own pace and keep the booklet as a reference for OTC buying.   

This 20-page book includes carat weight calculation guides for loose and mounted diamonds of all shapes and sizes, references to use when grading diamonds by color, guides for lab reports, and much more! 

Topics we may cover during this lab include…

  • The Four C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight
  • Diamond Certificates
  • Moissanite
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Filled Diamonds
  • Drilled Diamonds
  • Lab-Grown Diamonds
  • Market Trends

If you don’t see a topic that you or your staff need on this list, please let us know and we can develop it for you! The probability is that if you need help on a topic that isn’t already on this list, then others in the industry do too. 

Resources you can use today

This lab can also be supplemented with the resources in the knowledge center on our website, at You can find our knowledge center by clicking “Knowledge” in the top-right menu on our homepage. There you will find a suite of tools developed just for you.

Carat Weight Calculator: Our free carat weight calculator takes to work out of calculating the carat weight of loose and mounted stones. Input three easy measurements and you will not only be given the carat weight, but also the length to width ratio. This ratio is extremely important when approximating the value of diamonds, especially with fancy shapes. 

Virtual Clarity Chart: The virtual clarity booklet in our knowledge center is the perfect tool for your store to use when training employees to gauge clarity grades. Complete with a GIA report and video of a diamond of every clarity grade, your employees can use it as a benchmark example to grade diamonds against that arrive OTC for sale.

Clarity Grading Booklet: For those that prefer a physical reference, we also have a clarity grading booklet on our website. This booklet maps out possible combinations of inclusions such as feathers, clouds, pinpoints, and knots, that may be found in each clarity grade. This is available for free to anyone who visits our website and can be downloaded and printed for use at any point.

Color Grading Trays: Never run out of diamond color grading trays again. Give us a call for free trays. Over the years we have sourced the best paper to accurately display diamond color and to hold up to regular use. As an alternative, check our website for a printable PDF and folding directions. Be sure to print on plain white printing paper, and remember to replace your trays often. 

To schedule your personalized diamond fundamentals class, simply give us a call or text at 440-442-7280, email us at, or call toll-free at 888-800-BLUE. 

About Bluestone Trading Company, Inc.: Bluestone Trading is a wholesale diamond and estate jewelry dealer headquartered in Lyndhurst, OH. Founded in 1978 by RB Grampp Sr., Bluestone Trading has grown into an international buyer and seller of loose diamonds and estate jewelry from all time periods.