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Bluestone Trading Company: Building Winning Relationships through B2B Estate Jewelry

written by Morgann Grampp

After 11 years in this industry, I have learned to trust the gut feeling I get while holding a unique piece of jewelry. I have a special love for old and antique diamonds and jewelry, whether it be an old European Platinum Ring, an antique Bar Pin, or an exquisite Art Deco Bracelet.

I was able to experience that gut feeling during a recent purchase of an antique bracelet. It contained approximately three carats of authentic old mine brilliant cut diamonds set delicately in yellow gold and black enamel.

It was through one of our lifelong customers, and personal friends, that we made the connection with the owner of the bracelet. He now sends in any unique, fine antique jewelry pieces that he thinks we would like to offer on. It has been a win-win for both of us.

This particular store offers amazing custom designs, bridal sets, and watches. We have helped him expand as an outlet for any antique and estate jewelry pieces he may have.

Our process is very easy.

Step one: he calls saying he has something he wants us to look at. We email him a shipping label, at no cost to him that is fully insured.

Step two: I contact him after reviewing the goods and make him an offer.

Step three: He accepts the offer and we send him immediate payment.

Step four: Repeat.

Standing by our reputation is one of my favorite aspects of being in this business. It is everything. When someone gives their word, in our industry, it’s as good as gold. (Pun intended!)

Our father started Bluestone Trading Company back in 1978 and has worked very hard to gain a good reputation. People do business with those they trust. My father is known as someone who will not only bend over backward for a customer but to go above and beyond to treat them fairly.

I have tried to follow in my fathers’ footsteps on that philosophy. I am humbled and honored to carry on the Bluestone and Grampp family reputation.

Growing up the golden rule in my family was to treat others the way you want to be treated.

I didn’t fully grasp or understand that meaning until I started being involved at Bluestone. It is the stories from our customers over the years that have really shown me what an impact doing business the right way can have.