Gold jewellers and stores across India wear a deserted look adhering to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s suggestion for a strict 21-day isolation. 90 percent of gold jewellers in the country have already shut their shops, paying heed to the PM’s first clarion call – the Janta Curfew on 22nd March.

The chances of a jewelry store doing business is next to nought. Surprisingly, despite the festive day of Ughadi and Gudi Padwa on Wednesday, not many prospective buyers could even make it outside their homes. For consumers, the option to buy precious metals such as Gold and Silver is limited to a handful banks and investing in the form of Paper Gold. A few e-commerce avenues may look probable, but jewelry is not an essential commodity and hence deliveries are affected. Associations and trade agencies such as the Madras Jewellers & Diamond Merchants Association have already called for a temporary closure in business from 22nd March onward. 

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