Clark’s Diamond Jewelers is continuing the fight over their January snow promotion.

The Coeur d’Alene jewelry store offered to reimburse customers who purchased items in the store between November 22 and December 31, should it snow more than 3 inches on January 11, 2020. The total payout was estimated at $500,000.

Heavy snow fell throughout that weekend and the store was confident they saw three inches of accumulation. However, their insurance company, which is responsible for paying out the refunds, is still not convinced.

The insurance company used a third-party Doppler radar monitoring service, which originally reported only 1.8 inches of snowfall that day. Clark’s immediately disagreed with that determination and requested a review, since a local climatologist reported more than 3 inches.

According to Clark’s, the third-party verification firm reviewed their conclusion and said there was 2.3 inches of snow, but again denied the claim.

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