By 1975, Doris Payne had been stealing precious diamonds around the globe for several decades. But when the 44-year-old set her sights on her latest target, the world-famous Bulgari jeweler in Rome, she thought she’d met her match.

The handsome young clerk didn’t have that special quality she looked for in a mark, the “combination of eager to please and stupid,” she writes in her new tell-all memoir, “Diamond Doris” (HarperCollins), out Tuesday.

He moved too fast, was as watchful as a hawk and didn’t give her a chance to confuse him.

“This dude was trained like a stripper,” Payne writes. “But I was gonna find a way to flip it on him.”

She moved at a dizzying pace, putting on and taking off rings and necklaces until the clerk wasn’t able to keep up. As she slipped a yellow diamond ring worth thousands onto her middle finger, “he didn’t notice my hand move like a snake,” Payne writes.

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