What is the purpose of accessories if not to decorate our outsides with little hints about who we are on the inside? Jewelry has the power to say a lot about its wearer, like what their belief system is, their marriage status, if they’re vying for a bit of good luck, and so much more. It also offers a peek at each person’s unique taste, functioning as accent pieces to an overall ensemble that speaks to the colors and details at the foundation of personal style. And as far as trends go, jewelry styles are very much reflective of the greater social and emotional shifts arriving in waves at the change of each new season. 

Thanks to the internet and its treasure trove of information, we can actually see what’s currently trending based on the behaviors of its cyber shoppers. And what’s sure is that people are searching for a lot more than florals for spring (although birth flowers are definitely happening at the moment… more on that below).

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