Apparently, this ring is indestructible.

While battling the Getty Fire in California, firefighters found a small ring box outside a house that burned down. When they made an effort to return the ring to its rightful owner, they uncovered a truly remarkable story.
The Los Angeles Fire Department posted a photo of the ring to its Facebook page, with an explanation of its amazing history. The post begins by explaining how houses in the area previously burned down in the 1961 Bel Air Fire.

The story continues, “On October 30th, Engine 89 was working at the fire and found a small ring box out in front of the only home destroyed in that section of the street. Sitting there all by itself. When they opened it and saw the beautiful ring inside, they just knew this would be very important to the homeowner. They delivered it to the Command Post.”According to the LAFD, officers from the department returned to the area a few days later to look for the ring’s owner.

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