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Gems by Pancis Editorial

written by Kyle Pancis

As 2021 begins, many are looking back on the year of 2020. Reflecting and thinking about how it was the most extraordinary year many of us have lived through. Much history was made and one of those significant events was one of the largest diamond mines in the world, The Argyle Mine, closed its production. Knowing fair well that much of the world’s most exclusive diamonds are no longer being produced should pose the question of how can we grow our diamond business in 2021?

The argyle mine is most famous for natural brown, pink, red, and rare violet fancy color diamonds. Most notably for their pink diamond production which represents one in one million diamonds that rarely exceeded 1 carat. These special colors allow for many of us passionate diamantaires the opportunity to collect and design special jewelry that create the most unique jewelry experience our industry has to offer! We believe in this story as it is the most exciting presentation to our special clients.

Today, there is not only just the rare and collectable items, but stackable wedding bands and price point jewelry are available to begin sharing the argyle story with your clients. Remember, a dream must be recognized, nurtured, and clarified. To have success with the argyle material, especially in the high-jewelry category we must start with understanding the product. Our family has been working with Argyle material since the mid-1980’s and it is our pleasure to assist you in this amazing and unique product line.

To get started please feel free to contact us at Gems by Pancis today at 1-800-426-4435 or visit us online at to see more about our company and contact us! Exclusive collectors and dealers like us can provide tremendous value to your business.