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Gems by Pancis Editorial

written by Kyle Pancis

A diamond in the rough is the beginning of an amazing journey or a dream unfolding. The diamond must be recognized, nurtured, and clarified. This journey began at Argyle billions of years ago in the unearthed ground filled with fierce pressure and heat. The dream began to unfold in 1983 when RIO Tinto began production at the Argyle Mine in East Kimberly, Australia. The mine has since proven to be one of the richest diamond deposits in the world. Producing over 12.9 million carats of white diamonds, yellow diamonds, champagne diamonds, blue diamonds, red diamonds, and rare pink diamonds. 

As the mine closes down its production in November 2020, we must take note of the legacy this mine has left for the diamond industry! Some of the most exquisite diamonds have come out of the argyle mine and have paved a path for many of us in the industry to trade, design, and invest in some of earth’s greatest gifts. This year we have seen tremendous growth in pink diamond sales all across the United States. We are seeing an increase in educated buyers and of course more qualified demand before prices begin to significantly increase. As ongoing production of argyle material begins to decline and eventually cease and demand increases, so will the valuation of these diamonds. 

Today, in addition to the rare and collectable items, stackable wedding bands and price point jewelry are available to begin sharing the argyle story with your clients. Remember, a dream must be recognized, nurtured, and clarified. To begin the journey of success with the argyle material, especially in the high-jewelry category, we must start with understanding the product. Our family has been working with Argyle since the mid-1980’s and it is our pleasure to assist you in this amazing and unique product line. 

To get started, please feel free to contact us at Gems by Pancis today at 1-800-426-4435 or visit us online at to see more about our company and contact us! Exclusive collectors and dealers like us can provide tremendous value to your business.