Is your customer’s ring impossible to remove? Not anymore, says Gesswein. The company is pleased to introduce RingRescue™, a new non-destructive ring removal set.

In years past, removing a ring from a swollen finger was accomplished by cutting the ring apart with a conventional ring cutter. RingRescue™ is designed to be an innovative practical tool that can be used by anyone in a jewelry store to safely remove rings from swollen fingers – without damage to the ring.

RingRescue™ was created to remove rings stuck due to swollen fingers or some type of accident (in case of trauma, consider using a thin disposable glove under the device). Instead of cutting off the ring, which can carry liability, you can now easily, safely and quickly remove it with RingRescue™, says Gesswein. Designed by a team of medical doctors and engineers, and tested in hospitals and jewelry stores, RingRescue™ offers the jewelry and medical industries a new and effective solution for on-the-spot ring removal.

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