Good morning, traders. Welcome to our look ahead at the macroeconomic calendar this week, with an eye on those data points that are most useful for precious metals and Dollar traders. With Thanksgiving on Thursday, this is a truncated week; data that usual prints on a Thursday or Friday will all be packed into Wednesday morning which means there’s going to be a lot more white noise around the signals from PCE inflation and Durable Goods. It’s also important to keep in mind that trading volume tends to be much thinner on holiday weeks, so there’s always a risk of smaller moves being amplified by a low liquidity environment.

To begin the week, gold prices are solidly lower this morning with equities moving higher globally as risk-appetite has once again flowed back into the market, buoyed by another burst of rhetoric from the Chinese side that, for now, brightens the market’s outlook for US-China trade talks.

As I said, it’s a condensed holiday week in the markets, but there are a couple data points that could be important to building our picture for the end of 2019 and the start of 2020.

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