A solution to the high cost of health care for our members!

Health Care Plans for Jewelers

The Jewelers Suite is proud to introduce its latest member benefit, the Health Plans for Jewelers program. Participating members may choose one of four different plans available through the Apex Advantage Plan for preventative coverage, which is paired with ManhattanLife Affordable Choice Surgical and Hospitalization benefits for major medical or catastrophic events. These ACA compliant packages include 100% coverage for all 18 preventative services for adults, 26 services for women, and 27 services for children.

The Health Plans for Jewelers program simplifies what has become so complex and offers high-end, affordable healthcare solutions for individuals and families, employers, employees and sole-proprietors.

The Health Plans for Jewelers policy benefits are available to every segment of the jewelry industry, including retail, wholesale, sales representatives and service support vendors, watchmakers, bench jewelers, consultants, pawnshop owners, jewelry designers and specialty shops, with a Jewelers Suite membership. For more information on the Health Plans for Jewelers offerings, visit https://HealthPlansforJewelers.com