If you run a jewelry business, you are probably well aware of how COVID-19 has halted in-person shopping for many industries. You will see that your sales have gone down since you were likely unable to open your store for at least a few weeks. While retail locations have been allowed to re-open in many places around the world, you’re still probably seeing the effects COVID-19 has had on your business. There are some great ways you can turn things around and get back to business as usual.

Jewelry Sales During COVID-19
According to some reports, jewelry sales dropped by as much as 82 percent during the initial stages of the coronavirus when people were quarantined at home and retail shops were shuttered across the globe. According to Edahn Golan, jewelry sales in February of 2020 were $2.65 billion, but had dropped to only $470 million in April. Though April tends to be a slower month in the jewelry business, this level of sales hasn’t been seen since the 1980s. May reported an increase in sales and experts predict that the jewelry business will continue to bounce back as 2020 goes forward.

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