Ice cream truck owner Joe Nicchi has gotten fed up with self-proclaimed Instagram stars demanding free ice cream in exchange for promoting his company on their social media accounts. Nicchi is now telling these supposed “influencers” that not only will they have to pay for their ice cream, they’ll have to “pay double.”

Joe Nicchi — who offers soft-serve chocolate, vanilla, and twist flavors through his company, appropriately named CVT Soft Serve — became fed up with Instagram “influencers” who kept approaching him for free ice cream, according to a report by the Los Angeles Times.

Once influencers began continuously approaching Nicchi’s ice cream truck to solicit him for free ice cream in exchange for social media posts, he took to Instagram himself to inform the public that CVT Soft Serve ice cream — which is reportedly a family recipe passed down from his father — will not be given away for free, and that influencers, in fact, would have to “pay double.”

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