Jewelers’ Marketing Program

With the battle of Covid 19, it’s been hard for most retailers to keep up with their customers and sales of previous years.  We’ve designed handbooks and guides to help spark interest in the wide variety of goods available through the jewelry industry.  Also, we concentrated on events that will touch all of your clients’ lives and lifestyles. 

We have put together “A Jewelers’ Marketing Program” to assist jewelry industry professionals and consumers with a variety of gemstone choices beyond the usual birthday celebrations.  The program includes the following guides:

  • Traditional Monthly Gemstones/Birthstones
  • Gemstone Color Match Guide by Month
  • Gemstones/Birthstones by Hour of Birth
  • Gemstones/Birthstones by Day of the Week Birth
  • Gemstones/Jewelry Wedding Anniversary Stones

These guides are designed to help you connect with your customers beyond the showcase.

We know our customers, along with yours are facing challenging times in their lives, so we’ve decided to roll out a series of marketing guides to help you get your business back on track.

Most consumers don’t realize they have choices beyond a typical birthstone of the month.  Show your customers that you are the professional in the industry, and open up the world of buying options within.

What’s in the Program:

When you sign-up for the program, you get instant access to all of the current guides that we have created related to colored gemstones and diamonds. Each guide on our website includes images and text that were designed to be used as interesting social media posts. These guide pages also include links to flyers that can be downloaded and printed to use in your store as handouts for your customers.

Each month thereafter, we will add email templates that can be used to send to your existing and potential customers, or additional guides that we create that can be used for social media, electronically or in your store to educate and familiarize customers with stones and jewelry that may be unknown to the customer.

These tools are meant to accomplish two objectives:

  1. Sell more jewelry to existing customers by educating them on aspects of the jewelry world that they may not be already familiar.
  2. Increase your customer base by providing interesting and unique information that will solidify you position as the jewelry expert.

We wish you happy selling and if you have any questions we can help you with, please email Ann Glynn at  We’d love to connect with you!