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Welcome to May 2020, it’s a new normal for all of us in many ways. The May/June issue of Jewelers Suite featuring JHJ Magazine has gone to the printer, and will be in the mail next week. A month ago, when I was finishing up the March/April issue, I could have never imagined, I would be sitting here with so much changed in my life, but I know many of my friends have experienced a lot of loss right now. I am hoping we can all hang on to each other and get through these unusual times, which seem like they will become the new normal for everyone.

For us here at Jewelers Suite, part of that new normal means creating a digital issue of our magazine, which we are proud to introduce this month. We are excited and making the digital issue free of charge. This will be limited to the May/June issue and can be found at

Subscribers to our magazine will now receive both a print and digital copy (accessible from our website). Interested in subscribing? To subscribe to Jewelers Suite featuring JHJ Magazine, you can click here For a limited time we are offering a 20% discount for new subscribers using the discount code “COVID”.

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