One of the priciest rough diamonds ever fetches $40 Million.

Petra Diamonds Ltd. sold a 39.3-carat blue gem for more than $40 million, making it one of the most expensive rough diamonds ever.

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The Emergence of Vintage Inspired Jewelry in the 21ST Century

It’s no secret that the engagement ring market has been dominated by white gold and platinum for quite some time now. A sizable market niche within that white metal world is the vintage inspired engagement ring.

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Lucara Recovers one of World’s Biggest Pink Diamonds

62 carat (CNW Group/Lucara Diamond Corp.)

Lucara has recovered a huge fancy pink Type IIa diamond – weighing 62.7 carats – from its Karaowe mine, in Botswana.

The Canadian miner said it was one of the world’s largest rough pink diamonds on record.

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Strong Diamond Market Fueled by Post-lockdown Emotions, Says NDC

Diamonds are seeing surging popularity in nations that are emerging from lockdowns with the rollout of vaccines.

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This 15-carat diamond ring is expected to fetch upwards of $120,000 at auction.

Sotheby’s Sells 101 Carat Diamond To Cryptobuyer for 12.3mil

Sotheby’s decision to sell a 101.38 ct. pear-shape D color flawless diamond at a single-lot auction that allowed cryptocurrency was a weird, audacious gamble—that appears to have paid off.

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