JHJ Meetups in Vegas

If you are going to Vegas, JHJ is having 2 meetups:

2 JHJ parties 🥳 this week:

Thursday: Dorcey BAR 🍸 Venetian. Friday: Legacy roof top bar at Circa

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Curtin University researchers discover Earth has been making diamonds from waste

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as the old adage goes. 

Now, a group of Australian scientists believe the phrase has taken on new meaning after discovering the Earth has been recycling waste — and turning it into diamonds. 

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First-Ever Lab Grown Diamond Charity Auction Hosted by VDB and IGI to Benefit Jewelers for Children

EMBARGOED UNTIL August 16, 2021 (New York): Virtual Diamond Boutique (VDB) and International Gemological Institute (IGI) have partnered with Jewelers for Children to host the first-ever international lab grown diamond charity auction. 

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Record-Breaking Philippe Dufour Watch sells for $7.3m

A Philippe Dufour watch, made in 1995 for the Sultan of Brunei, sold yesterday for a record-breaking $7.33m.

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A Sneak Peek and Preview Of The Jewelry Retailers And Press Will Be Seeing At The Couture Show In Las Vegas

Las Vegas Jewelry Week is back and although it might not be as big an event due to the ongoing pandemic, there are a variety of established and independent jewelers who are exhibiting at the expertly curated Couture Show

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