Popular web developer offers low-cost online solutions during COVID-19

(Linden, MI) May 5, 2020 — Jewelry Website Designers, in business for well over a decade has remained the most sought-out web developer in our trade—because they are also in our industry. Whether you are B2B or B2C, they understand your needs and know how to convey your message effectively. They are busier than ever now as our industry grapples with moving forward post-pandemic and recognizing the necessity to increase sales with a robust online presence. According to front end developer and popular trade journalist Diana Jarrett, “We’ve seen the largest uptick in business immediately following the stay-at-home mandates nationwide. Retailers and wholesalers agree they need another a revenue stream than what they previously had.”

While business for custom-made websites is booming, partners Diana Jarrett and Marlene Murphy were saddened by some clients who had to scrap plans for a new website and rein in their spending. It was a difficult choice, because as one customer said, “I need a site to do business but I’ve got much less money now.”

JWD came up a solution that allows a financially strapped jeweler to get a site deployed quickly while investing far less (almost ½ in some cases) in doing so. Back-end specialist Marlene Murphy explains, “We created two ‘ready-to-personalize’ layouts; one for retailers, another for wholesalers. In just a few days, we can personalize it with the client’s logo, colors, and every detail about their business. The jeweler can quickly upload their inventory and begin selling online.”

Visit https://www.jewelrywebsitedesigners.com/beta/special-offers.cfm to review these two updated fully-loaded layouts ready for personalization. Additional courtesy is given to Jewelers Helping Jewelers members, and subscribers to Jewelers Suite magazine. Mention JHJ or JS to receive another 5% off the special price. Call Marlene at (810)-750-8082 to learn more, or  email at info@jewelrywebsitedesigners.com 

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