Liad Nemeth’s family has been in the jewelry-making business for years, selling supplies to hobbyists and creating handmade jewelry for sale on Etsy. A few weeks ago, amidst the heart-shaped lockets and hamsa necklaces, a new item landed in her Etsy shop: hand sanitizer, sold in 1 ounce bottles for $3.99.

Nemeth’s son, Drew, had heard about hand sanitizer flying off the shelves in convenience stores amid the coronavirus pandemic. As a byproduct of their business, they already had a lot of little plastic bottles that looked similar to the ones used by major manufacturers. So he looked up what else he needed to make a homemade batch. “It ended up that we had 70 percent of the supplies on hand through the other business, so we were like, ‘Sure, let’s make some,’” he says.

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