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JHJ Rock Star – Aaron Muller

Aaron Muller CEO at Muller Rare Coins and Fine Jewelry was born on April 19, 1974.  He graduated from High School in Kutztown, Pa and attended Widener University in 1997.

Muller Rare coins is a 3rd generation business in Hamburg, PA and founded in 1963 (  I took the business over in 2002 and it went from grossing 120k to 33 million today.

I am married to my wife Tia and we have a daughter Kaia and a son AJ.

Muller Rare Coins and Fine Jewelry mainly deals in bullion , scrap gold, diamonds, estate jewelry and watches.  We are known as a one stop shop for Jewelers, Pawn Shops, Gold Buyers.  Our best business attributes are transparency and slim margins.

In addition to Muller Rare Coins & Fine Jewelry, I participate in other business ventures:

  1. M4 is a car dealership
  2. is a distillery that I am a partner in.
  3. Cofounder of AuRACLE and Kee Gold Testing companies.

What I like best about JHJ is that I have met so many wonderful people.  The outreach is unbelievable with over 21,000 members.  I have built wonderful business relationships, as well as friendships that have not only helped get us through the trying times in which we find ourselves in 2020, but JHJ has also helped grow our business, and for that I am very grateful! You can find just about anything jewelry related on JHJ. I can find a home for just about anything as well! JHJ members are super helpful and willing to answer any questions you may have. It’s a win-win for us all! The JHJ Community has changed the way we do business! What I want members to know is that I am always striving to keep up with the latest business platforms, the newest ways of doing business on social media! Who would have thought? So, I learn and evolve with the times, and yet still keeping the very foundation of what my father has instilled in me at a very young age… if you treat people fairly and with respect, you will never go wrong. At Muller Rare Coins and Fine Jewelry, we are an open book. We are transparent with our pricing, and always happy to help! I am always available on FB, just DM anytime for a free quote!