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JHJ Rock Star – Jeremy Chalchinsky

Hello, So I just turned 30. To many of you, that’s young and looking around me in this industry, I tend to agree. There’s a lot of talk about the next generation and well…I’m it. For better or worse, I’ll have to handle a constantly changing landscape that’s ahead of me for the next 30+ years. But enough about that. I’m a lover of dogs, board games, meaningful connections, and gemstones. Currently I’m doing GIA distance learning to get my GG and hopefully my FGA afterwards. When I joined the business, I thought it would be a temporary part of my life and I never would have imagined that it would engulf me completely. While many of my peers are struggling to find what they want out of life, I know the path I will walk until I die is set before me. There’s a kind of reassurance and loss that co-mingles at this assurance. I feel it deeply, but I know this is the correct course for me.

My company, Color Source Gems, specializes in colored stones. We carry an abundance of types such as Emerald, ruby, sapphire, spinel, Australian opal, aqua, tourmaline, alexandrite and more. While our biggest strength is single stones, we also have an abundance of melee and calibrated goods for your calls. We memo and love hearing from new and old customers alike. Please reach out and let us form a partnership for mutual benefit. Customer service is our specialty.

JHJ has greatly expanded all of our networks and has allowed us to share so much with one another. It’s a great resource for anything from advice to gems to jobs. It’s transformed our industry completely and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it. Please reach out to me if you need colored gemstones, pricing information, selling me a colored gemstone, repairs and cutting services.