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JHJ Rock Star – Jeremy Hakimi

Hey 👋 all of my JHJ friends!!!

My father Benjamin became a gem dealer about 40 years ago.  He traveled overseas to many countries all over the world to source beautiful gemstones.  Back then, selling was done much differently compared to today.  There was no internet or smartphones.  He used to travel domestically in the United States every week that he was in the country and not overseas buying gemstones.  He would sell to other gem dealers, manufacturers and retail jewelry stores. 

I joined my father in the business in 2009 during the financial crisis.  It was challenging at first since I didn’t really have any of my own customers and since buyers were hesitant to buy at those times of uncertainty.  I stuck with it though, learning as much as I could from my father about buying the highest quality gemstones in the world.  We would travel to trade shows all over the world in the far east, Europe, and domestically to sell our gems.  We have also used the internet to our advantage to make our lives easier at work.  We have our inventory uploaded to our website which has our gems listed with images, videos, certificates and specifications for each stone. 

Even though I have worked with many of you already, I just wanted to formally introduce myself since the group has exploded with so many new amazing members!

I work with my parents in our family gem business on 47th street in NYC.  We import top quality loose faceted Sapphires & Rubies from 1 CT up to large sizes. We only carry the best of the best, so if you’re looking for a special gem for a special client, give us a try!! 

Today, we are one of the premier Sapphire & Ruby dealers in the world.  I love my job and love meeting and speaking with new people every day. 

If you ever have any questions, need help/advice, or need a stone, feel free to contact me!  I’d be happy to help in any way I can!  Reach me via DM, email me at, text/WhatsApp my cel at 516-643-4843, or call my office at 800-634-0050.  I basically respond any time I’m awake lol 😂!

We are also extremely active on social media.  Follow us on Instagram @colorlineusa to see our newest gems. 

Love you all 😘

Jeremy Hakimi


Colorline, Inc.