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JHJ Rock Star – Sandy Weinman-Morrow

If JHJ Rock Star Sandy Weinman-Morrow’s mother had a say, she would have grown up to be a nurse or a teacher.  But from an early age, Sandy was captivated by the world of fashion.  She had no interest in anything by the odd combination of Fashion and History.

Sandy began her first career after college, in the cosmetic industry. She landed a job with a lady who owned a chain of cosmetic stores and worked for her for 9 years.  As her role within the company grew, she became a Regional manager of 3 stores as well as  the franchises first in-field trainer.  Part of her job as an in-field trainer was to help test market new ideas for sales/marketing and training, which included producing training videos that shipped with new product launches. She also helped write the national franchise training manual for the company, which covered topics including training new employees and building up the company customer base. 

Quite by chance, in the mid-90’s Sandy stumbled upon the wholesale side of the jewelry business through a company called Adamas, and immediately fell In love with the industry. In 1999, she left Adamas and went independent, all the while loving the traveling and the people. 

Over the last 10 years, Sandy says she has seen a lot of changes in our industry.  She stresses the importance of combining digital marketing and social media with products of quality and craftsmanship for her retailers, and says she still learns something new everyday! 

Recently, Sandy became a representative for the Berco Jewelry Corporation, and is very impressed with the company. It’s diversity with Finelli Bridal, Aspire Fashion, Diamond Fashion, Mommy Chic and a New line of Spiritual Jewelry called THE GRACE COLLECTION give her a lot to offer to her customers in terms of selection, quality and value.  Vince and Marcie, the owners of Berco, are some of the nicest people she has ever met, and she’s proud to say they care about the employees and the retail customer.  Her new sales territory covers Kentucky,  Ohio,  Michigan, Tennessee,  North Carolina and West Virginia, and she can’t wait to visit JHJ members in those states during her travels.

Sandy says she was really excited when Aleah started JHJ, especially when she realized it was a platform built around sharing and caring about one another. She loves the fact that it has been a breath of fresh air for our industry, and tried to participate daily in the discussions on JHJ. With more than 2 decades of industry experience to draw from, Sandy is always quick to help fellow JHJ members find the products and services they need, even if it’s not from the companies she represents.  She is generous with her time, knowledge and expertise, which is the true mark of a JHJ Rock Star! 

Connect with Sandy on JHJ for general merchandising questions, questions about Berco Jewelry products, or questions on product launches or marketing through traveling sales representatives.