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JHJ Rockstar – Derek Katzenbach

I am a jeweler, graduate gemologist (GIA) and lapidarist, working in Farmington, Maine. I specialize in custom, one of a kind pieces, where i can facet the gemstone, as well as design and manufacture everything myself. I’ve worked for myself for about 8 years now and try to learn a new skill every year, then continue to perfect and incorporate those skills into my current body of work. I’ve been fortunate to grow and create a wonderful client base who really appreciates the time and energy required to do true custom work from start to finish.

My most favorite and memorable piece that Ive made is called “The Colors of Maine”. It is a kaleidoscope I made from 18kt and Maine tourmaline. I wanted to create something that really showed off the beautiful colors of tourmaline we have here in Maine! It won 1st place in the AGTA Spectrum awards that year in the objects of art category and is currently on display and is in the permanent collection of GIA located in Carlsbad.

Jewelers Helping Jewelers is a fantastic way to connect with stores, jewelry professionals, and other artists. I’ve found it an extremely useful tool in sourcing materials, selling finished work, as well as finding current pricing on diamonds and colored gemstones. I readily sell concave cut American mined gemstones. I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of such a large platform that allows so many to connect and further our industry.

Derek Katzenbach