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JHJ Talent Show – Beatrice Matiash

Tashka was founded in 2000 and was primarily a wholesale business until 2019 when we launched our e-commerce website. We’ve been doing industry trade shows and trunk shows on high end cruises ships for over a decade.

We love color and bringing joy to people using vibrant gemstones. That is our goal with every piece we create.

We incorporate a variety of colored stones in our pieces that we hand select at gem shows worldwide. Lucky symbols are another design motif that has found favor amongst our clients, particularly our ever-popular Lucky Penny collection. We recently launched into other product categories that feature our unique gem-themed prints that beautifully compliment our jewelry. We offer gem-themed apparel, pajamas, umbrellas, aprons, handbags, hair accessories and of course face masks. Needless to say, the face masks are in very high demand currently. We introduce new prints every month and have limited edition designs as well.

We love the industry and have evolved with it. I believe that that is the secret recipe. We are always at the drawing board designing and coming up with new product launches to keep our customers excited and the Tashka brand fresh and relevant.

I LOVE JHJ! I joined not long ago and I have to say that it was a godsend during this pandemic. There is such a palpable sense of community. You share in the good and the bad on a daily basis. I see so much kindness.  Not being able to see people, go places and to miss huge industry events this year has been very difficult. I feel like I have engaged with some wonderful people and can’t wait to meet them in person. Aleah is a ROCKSTAR! She created a space where people in the industry can visit and network on a daily basis. It’s fun, educational and you can sell! What a beautiful thing.

Beatice Matiash