A New York federal judge has refused to back down after ruling that Signet Jewelers’ downplaying the impact of sexual-harassment claims could be used in an investor class action against the retailer.

On July 10, Judge Colleen McMahon ruled Signet shareholders could form a class action in their securities-fraud claim against the jeweler. The following day, Signet claimed it would seek a review of the judgment, as it disagreed with McMahon’s decision to allow the jeweler’s previous comments regarding the sexual-harassment lawsuit to be used as evidence in the investors’ suit.

Attorneys representing the investors asked the court to stand by its initial decision, calling Signet’s request its “sixth bite at the proverbial apple” in an effort to have the case dismissed. 

Read more about the ruling from a federal judge in New York regarding the Signet case on the Rapaport website  HERE (https://www.diamonds.net/News/NewsItem.aspx?ArticleID=63937&ArticleTitle=Judge+Calls+Signet+Out+over+Suit+Dispute)

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