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Learning and laughing with Adam F.

written by Adam Fried

I am best known in the Jewelry industry as a trainer who also likes to make people laugh while they learn. 

In my first column I am only going to make you laugh, (I hope).

Now please keep this column between us, industry only, not that I am going to speak badly about clients, heaven forbid, I am going to share some inner thoughts we have that frankly they do not need to know about. 

So, I know what we say in response to certain clients, but I’m going to share what we think, what we wish we could say. We can call that WWW, “what we wish”.

Client-do you charge for sizing?

WWW-sir have you ever gone to the doctor and asked, “do you charge for open heart surgery?”

Client-Maybe when I win the lottery.

WWW- when you win the lottery please buy an island in the south pacific and live there all alone, so none of us ever have to talk to you again.

Client- how do I know you won’t switch my diamond?

WWW-we don’t do free upgrades so no worries.

Client-is that your best price?

WWW-no, my best price would buy me a house on the French Riviera and a Ferrari, it’s YOUR best price.

Now I know these might sound a little harsh but it’s just to remind us to laugh, I know this has been a tough year for the world but as jewelers we have brought a lot of joy to our many customers, who couldn’t travel or even go to a restaurant.

So, when you do your pre-open warm up or whatever you do before you open, make sure you and your whole team starts the day smiling.