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Make Lavalier a part of your plan for the future

written by Melissa Becker

2020 has been a year of uncertainty and unprecedented events. As you are taking steps towards reopening your business and thinking about what the future may look like, it is important to show your customers how much you care about their safety and security as well. 

Show your customers that you’ve learned the importance of good customer service and security by encouraging them to plan ahead.

Next Steps

Congratulations, you made a sale! As a jeweler, you know the importance of insuring your jewelry, but do your customers? Chip Dowd, President of Berkley Asset Protection, notes that most customers don’t immediately think of protecting their fine jewelry once they purchase – but they should! “It’s easy enough to get an immediate quote with today’s technology,” explains Dowd. Jewelers should be encouraging their customers to insure their purchases before they walk out the door. “Most importantly, you’re communicating with your customer creating transparency and trust,” Dowd emphasizes. If you have a tablet or computer in your store, you can help customers in your store get a free quote immediately by opening your co-branded Lavalier webpage on your internet browser.

Communication is Key

By communicating with your customer immediately in this way, you’re already peaking their interest as to why they should protect their jewelry. As a Lavalier partner jeweler, even if your customer is not ready to commit on site, they can go home with material referring them back to your co-branded webpage, making the customer’s journey seamless. “With Lavalier, the customer’s experience is a priority,” says Melissa Becker, VP of Sales and Marketing. “We want to make it simple and efficient, starting when the customer makes a purchase through issuing their policy.” Should your customer need repairs or replacements, with Lavalier, they are referred back to your store.

We’re here to help!

Not only does Lavalier refer clients back to your store, but we want to make sure your customers remember your name the whole way through. When you partner with Lavalier, the Lavalier team builds a custom co-branded webpage with your logo, and you get rewarded for every customer that signs up. “Lavalier’s customer service has been fantastic and I’ve appreciated the clear and responsive communication,” shared one Lavalier customer.

With that in mind, now is the perfect time to add Lavalier Personal Jewelry Insurance to your customer service menu. It’s easy, free and the customer-centric model puts your best foot forward for the rest of this year.

Still not convinced, Why Lavalier?

  • Earn $15/customer application* 
  • Online platform for today’s connected consumers makes it easy for you and your customers
  • Immediate coverage for most customers
  • Offered through Berkley Asset Protection, a leading insurer in the jewelry industry
  • Repairs and replacements referred back to your store 
  • Discounts available for GIA, AGS, GSI and Forevermark gem ID report, home alarm, home safe and more
  • Amazing, personal customer service

DISCLAIMER: Berkley Asset Protection is pleased to share this material. Please note that nothing in this article should be construed as legal advice or the provision of professional consulting services. This material is for general informational purposes only, and while reasonable care has been utilized in compiling this information, no warranty or representation is made as to accuracy or completeness.