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Make your Customers Colorfully Happy!

written by Ann Glynn

Want to give you customers a reason to come back into your store month after month?  Mix your merchandise and repair specials up and give them something to think about and look forward to, too.  Offer a special class on responsible jewelry ownership and explain things like why rings need to be re-pronged, and pearls need to be restrung.  Also introduce them to gemstone beads and explain how they can inexpensively grow their jewelry collection by expanding it with a selection of gemstone bead jewelry, think bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings.  And how they may have jewelry that they can’t wear in the pool or in the ocean while they are swimming.

Most of your customers probably don’t know that gemstones are available as beads.  Share this option with them and help them create an amazing jewelry collection that others will comment on and love.  Help your client become the Jewelry superstar in their circle.

Offer them incentives to bring clients in to see you. Start with something as inexpensive as Lavish jewelry cleaner with a small coupon for a few bucks off a jewelry repair.  The jewelry lovers guide to responsible jewelry ownership. There are many people in the world who love jewelry, but not all of them understand that there is a certain level of responsibility that comes with owning and growing a beautiful jewelry collection.  

Not all jewelry can be cleaned and cared for the same way.  It is your responsibility as the expert to help your customers get on the path to responsible jewelry ownership.  Teach them to take pride in their jewelry, by keeping it clean and sparkling.Remind them that their jewelry is a reflection of themselves, and clean jewelry will always leave a beautiful and sparkling impression.

Many years ago when I sold jewelry, I missed multiple chances to make sales because many clients came to me wanting to buy certain gemstones because they believed they somehow had power to help them with an issue or problem in their life.  I cannot tell you how much money I turned away because I didn”t want to get caught up in this hockey.  But looking back on this years later, it makes me sad that I turned so many sales down and pushed so many customers out the door.  Please don”t make the same mistakes I did.  

If people are happy ascribing special powers and magic to certain gemstones, then just let them do it.  You don”t have to believe it.  But why burst their bubble?  Just tell them that ascribing magical powers to gemstones is not something you have ever seen proven within the jewelry industry.  But if it makes them happy then you are all for it.  Because as a jeweler, you have seen plenty of instances where jewelry does make people happy.