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Optimize Your Online Presence; Staying Connected With Customers Through Social Distancing and Beyond

written by Rick Arnemann, CEO of Harmon 

Like many, I started off 2020 optimistic about business. I know that for retailers, it meant gearing up for holidays and events, attending trade shows—your list of projects went on. 

Then the world turned upside down. We’ve all found ourselves in a situation that feels uncontrollable, and that is frightening. 

But by connecting with your customer base online, you still retain some control. If anything, these circumstances have emphasized the need for a robust digital presence. Read on to learn how you can engage jewelry shoppers online now, and continue to engage them as business returns to usual. 

Take a line from the Friends Theme Song

“I’ll be there for you” has taken on new meaning lately. Thanks to the power of digital, there are a variety of ways you can still be there for your customers, even without an e-commerce website. While people are stuck inside, celebratory occasions like birthdays and anniversaries continue. Offer traditional—phone or email—and newer—Facebook Messenger or one-on-one video chat—methods to stay in touch. And if you can safely offer delivery of an order, add that to your list of services.

Even when we’re given the all clear to start interacting again, some customers might be hesitant, especially in the beginning. If a customer would still rather meet via video chat to discuss a product, don’t say no. You could make a sale. 

Share Inspirational Content 

When business closures and reduced hours first began, everyone checked social media to see how their favorite places were affected. People stayed on social for news updates and funny memes. And everyone is still scrolling, because it’s one of the best ways to stay connected with those they can’t be with.

If you have social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, this is your time to shine. Try and post a few times a week. And remember that content matters. People are worried about finances; now is not the time to hard sell. Instead, entertain and engage with happy content.

Share product images and video, paired with inspirational quotes. Show jewelry that has a unique story, and ask others to share the unique story behind a piece they own. Tie in a promotion—deliver a piece of jewelry or a gift card to whoever’s story has the most likes. Try some throwback content, and share your favorite engagement stories and pictures from past years. You should also show empathy and concern. Let your audience know you care about them, and enjoy hearing from. 

Don’t just post on social. If you have an email list, share there, too. If you have a blog, past engagement stories would make a great entry.

Give Your Social Media a Boost 

You can grow your customer base right now. It might seem unbelievable, but if your budget allows, put a little money behind your social posts and boost them. Boosted posts use advertising dollars to target very specific audiences, and they’re viewed by Facebook and Instagram users beyond your following. Each time you boost, you also choose an “objective” or goal. While everyone is stuck at home, a good objective would be to increase awareness or engagements, but when things return to normal, you’d want to drive traffic to your store. 

If you don’t post on social media regularly, or if boosting isn’t in your wheelhouse, please talk to us. Because of the current situation, Harmon has developed a low-cost social media program that we manage and execute in its entirety. It’s specifically designed to help retailers like you engage with jewelry shoppers in your area.

About Rick

Rick started Harmon, a full-service advertising and marketing agency, over thirty years ago. He and his team work to help a variety of businesses in the jewelry industry reach their goals. Experienced in a traditional marketing methods and the newest digital trends, the Harmon team strives to provide innovative and personalized solutions. 

If you’re looking for assistance, or want to talk about what your next steps should be to get business back on track, connect with us at 615-256-3393, ext. 1000 and