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So why the heck should anyone buy diamonds?

written by Aleah Arundale

Buying an engagement ring is crazy right?  Guys take the most money they have ever spent on anything, buy a rock, and then give it away! It doesn’t make any sense. It’s not supposed to. He is buying her something of value that has no use other than a deep, timeless symbol of LOVE. It’s not practical, or logical, its emotional. The whole POINT is to give her something of great value that is basically useless for anything else but a display of love. 

Even people who have lost their vision love jewelry! They crave jewelry because of the way it makes them feel. Jewelry is 100% an emotional purchase. More than anything  men want to be respected, and more than anything women want to feel loved. That is what her diamond ring does for her every time she looks at her hand, which is about a million times a day.

For most things, the MORE They are used, the more worn out they become. With JEWELRY, the MORE it’s used, the MORE valuable it becomes! When you wear something valuable, it makes you feel more valuable as a person. You feel great. You’ve “made it” or you’re “worth it”.

Do you want your symbol of love, your story of love, to be that you got the lowest price? No! That’s like picking a Church based on price. You must find a jeweler you trust. A diamond is not just a one-time purchase. Rings need sizing and maintenance for life. Just like finding a great dentist or a great mechanic, if you find a great jeweler, your life will be better.

Jewelers, be proud of the diamond you sell and keep sparking!