The watch industry sometimes feels like it is evolving so slowly that movement is imperceptible to the naked eye. In actual fact, it lurches then settles in a slightly different place when epoch-changing timepieces come along. Apple Watch is the most obvious example of the past decade, but many other models have left an indelible mark since the turn of the century, as Carol Besler discovers.

This could easily be a top-ten list of showpiece complications, several of which have made a big splash recently, including the Only One Patek Philippe that sold for a record $31-million at auction last autumn.

Instead, it is a recognition that the real feat in watchmaking is to create a collection that endures, with a design that both taps the Zeitgiest but is also timeless and adaptable.

Something that has icon-status potential. Above all it should be a commercial success.  Want to know what 10 watches have been introduced since 2000 that have hit it out of the ball part?  Read the article  HERE

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