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The Jewelry Business is Going to be OK

written by Aleah Arundale

Congratulations!  You’re still in business and you’ve shown that even a pandemic can’t kill the love people have for jewelry. If you had told me a year ago that there would be a global killer virus sending people into panic yet not infecting their passion for jewelry, I would have thought that you were crazy! Many jewelers even set new sales records this year. Not only did we survive, we thrived. Do you know what else that booming sales tells us? That in times of unpredictability, jewelry remains a source of security and stability. People want, love, and crave jewelry!  

You have been a rock in your communities, ensuring that your customers feel safe in your store as you’ve followed all the protocols and gone beyond to accommodate customer’s needs. You help start young couples beginning their lives together. You provide a tangible way to say “I love you” when words don’t suffice. You help the hurting heal through a divorce or death by turning gold and jewelry into resources for your customers. You are needed in your communities. 

Join me in believing that 2021 will be a great year.  When you are feeling down remember that the business climate for jewelry is better than we’ve had in years. The world is better and safer than ever before.. This year has been tragic for many families that have lost loved ones, but our businesses remained strong in the marketplace. There has never been a better time to be creative. You can share your jewelry easier and faster with more people than ever before. It is easier to reach people.  You can trade jewelry pieces across the country to meet the specific needs of your customers. Better target marketing techniques are available. You can promote your product free through Instagram, Tik Tok, emails, texts, Facebook and more so take advantage. 

Jewelry has remained a staple of women’s desires for centuries.  People have worn, loved, and craved jewelry for thousands of years.   We’re not going anywhere.