written by Ann Glynn

Are you a die-hard jewelry lover?  If so, this is the guide for you.  If you want to pass your love  for jewelry along to another generation in your family, this series of guides will help you get started to cull a fabulous list of jewelry for everyone on your gift-giving list.

Before giving jewelry to anyone under the age of 15, please make sure to check with the parents of the child.  For example – you might think it would be a cute idea to gift the child with a personalized piece of jewelry, but the parents may be thinking the same idea. Or there may have already been a problem with the child having personalized items in class.  So it would be better to find out first.  Also, please keep in mind that it is unwise to give any young child personalized jewelry without the blessing of the parents.  It is unwise to advertise a young child’s name in public unless they are old enough to understand danger about strangers.  Make wise choices about gift giving and help protect young children who are too young to understand all the danger that may surround them.

Also, let your common sense guide you when it comes to the price and value of the gift. You may adore your 1 year old niece but you may not know that her mother tried unsuccessfully to get her to wear an inexpensive silver bracelet, and it ended up getting lost.  Also, maybe the child needs something big enough to slip over their hand, because the parent may not be able to help them get it clasped and unclasped on their wrist because of personal challenges such as arthritic fingers or bad eye-sight. 

If you have a young family member that you would like to get started on a jewelry collection start them off with a jewelry box that can hold all of their treasures – including a favorite rock or sea-shell or photos of school friends.  This is an awesome way to help teach them personal responsibility for treasured items.

Add a bottle of jewelry cleaner, such as lavish, which is eco-friendly and safe for all types of jewelry and metals.  This is a safe and user friendly way to teach young children how to keep their valuable treasures sparkling clean.

Once you have an opportunity to assess how they are doing taking care of their collection, then you will be better able to assess when the right time will be to help them add more valuable pieces to their current collection.  Start slow with a gemstone necklace such as an amethyst or a citrine bead piece, or onyx and garnet or small onyx beads or freshwater pearls.

This will help them learn the value of thoughtful gift giving as well as how to accessorize jewelry with their wardrobe. Always know that different types of jewelry have different values and can be worn in different ways.  It also helps young girls appreciate the many gifts that mother nature has to give.

If you are thinking about giving earrings, make sure to stick with something that is high-karatage, 14k or 10k+, that they can wear all the time. A collection of simple styles is the best way to start, such as hoop earrings, or small gold studs, and don’t forget about tiny birthstone earrings.  Other items you may consider would be star earrings, moon earrings, religious symbols, sun symbols, pets, animals, flowers, initials or sports symbols.

If you need any help or additional ideas, please email me at ann@jewelerssuite.com.  I’m always happy to help, however I can.