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The Many Benefits of Contactless Payments

Written by Joe Radest & Paige Davis

Contactless payments have become a huge topic of conversation over the past couple of years, especially recently due to COVID-19. Not only do they provide a decreased security risk for jewelers, they also increase safety during the pandemic.

Globally, contactless payments have been very prevalent. In places such as Europe and Asia, they have been around for two to three years. With the outbreak of the pandemic they have gained traction all over the world as business owners have realized the huge benefits that come with contactless payments.

Contactless payments lower the risk of spreading COVID-19 from the customer to the jeweler or vice versa due to the fact that the customer does not have to touch the payment terminal and the jeweler does not have to touch the customer’s card. With no physical contact during the payment process, contactless payments have proven to be a much safer way to go.

Not only are contactless payments much safer during the pandemic, they also provide a decreased security risk for jewelers.

Many jewelers dealing with payment issues such as chargeback disputes where customers claim that they never bought the item that they were charged for. Many times, when jewelers had that customer swipe their card without a chip or pin number being inserted, the burden falls onto the jeweler in the chargeback dispute. Many jewelers lose these disputes.

A great way to combat those types of issues is through having a point of sale system that has a chip reader and/or a contactless payment option.

The best level of security that you can have on a transaction is contactless payments which can be made using a variety of different types of phones including: Apple, Samsung and Google Pay.

As long as the phone is within thirty inches and the terminal is lit up and ready to do the transaction, the customer can open the wallet on their phone. The fact that the customer has to unlock their phone either through facial recognition or their phone password/ pin number makes a huge difference. Now the case is completely different in a chargeback dispute because the customer can’t argue that it wasn’t them who made the transaction. By loading the card onto their phone, they are validating who the cardholder is.

This protects you as a jeweler from the dangers of chargeback disputes, and also keeps you and your customers much safer during COVID-19 because you don’t have to wipe down your point of sale device after each customer that completes a transaction in your store.

For example, with Apple phones, here is process of how to load the card onto the phone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click “Finish Setting Up Your iPhone”
  3. Click “Set Up Apple Pay”
  4. Click “Continue”
  5. Take a photo of your card
  6. Confirm the details of your card
  7. Agree to Terms and Conditions

In just a couple of very simple clicks, you can have multiple credit or debit cards set up in your wallet for apple pay. Most other types of phones follow similar processes in order to set up contactless payments on your phone.

If you have any questions about how to set up contactless payment, feel free to reach out to us. There are many payment devices out there that support contactless payments today.  Want to learn more about contactless payments and/or point of sales systems? Visit our website or our social media accounts. We will be posting educational videos about different topics that affect jewelers and their point of sale systems. If you have any questions contact us for more information or clarification.

1 Step Technologies has been working with jewelers providing payment solutions for the past eleven years. Paige Davis, has recently joined the marketing team and joined in the effort of spreading awareness of the benefits of contactless payments for jewelers, especially due to the pandemic.  A special thank you to Paige, on the construction of this article and actively getting our educational materials posted on Social Media. 

Joe Radest started his career in card payments over 2 decades ago, working for the industry giant First Data. Since FDC, Joe has worked with other notable processors – TSYS, Global Payments and Chase Paymentech. 

Over 9 years ago, Joe branched out on his own, by launching 1 Step Technologies. Since that initial FinTech launch, Joe co-founded two other FinTech firms – Payix Holdings and FP Omni Technologies.  In addition, he is the managing partner in Radest Ventures, a private equity/venture capital firm with investments in emerging FinTech firms. He serves on two boards and resides in Atlanta with his wife and adult kids.

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