Tiffany & Co. is urging the Second Circuit to uphold a $25 million trademark victory against Costco Wholesale Corp. over diamond engagement rings, asking the appeals court to ignore the retailer’s “false narrative,” according to the website.

Tiffany and Costco have been engaged in a legal battle for the past six years, i.e. since 2013.

Tiffany first brought its the case against Costco in 2013 when it alleged that many hundreds of Costco members had bought engagement rings under the false impression that they were authentic Tiffany products. In 2017, after a string of court cases and appeals, Costco was ordered to pay Tiffany $25 million for using the Tiffany & Co. name in connection with the sale of non-Tiffany brand diamond engagement rings.

Now, the case is before a three-judge panel for the Second Circuit.  Read more about the Tiffany & Costco lawsuit on the IDEX website online  HERE 

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