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What Is Your System for Success?

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written by Bill Warren

Believe it or not, every jewelry store owner has a system that they operate by.  Some struggle year in and year out but never seem to find the missing pieces of the puzzle that will put their store in the winner’s circle.  Some jewelers seem to go effortlessly from one success to another.

Over the years, I’ve studied various operations from mom and pop stores, small and large jewelry chains to large and guild operations and there is one constant in each of these successful models…a systemized approach to the operation of their business.

Its true folks, if you want to be successful, you’ll discover that those who’ve found the keys to that elite club are those who have systemized their business.  Instead of letting things happen by chance in your store, perhaps it’s time to take a different approach…

OK Bill, how do we do that you might ask?  I’ll attempt to answer this question as best I can in the time and space we have.  And yes, before you even ask…I’m a huge fan of Michael Gerber’s book “The E-Myth” which I still read to this day to light my fire of inspiration.

One of the important things I see many retailers doing wrong is abdicating the marketing of their business to others or even worse yet, doing nothing at all.  Time and time again it’s been proven that the marketing of your business is much like the accelerator of your car.  You can speed up or increase cash flow by stepping on the gas pedal.  Should you allow someone else to do it for you? Maybe..maybe not!

But I’m a jeweler you might say…not a marketing wiz!!!  Ok…fair enough, but marketing is a skill learned more than it is a natural born talent and yes, even you can learn some strong principles that will systemize your marketing.  And yes, I do believe there are a great many wonderful marketing firms out there that can be of great assistance.  Yet I do believe “You” yourself can do more than you think…

Here are a few examples of the systems I use…

  1. Every Monday morning without fail, every client who made a purchase the week before receives a thank you card with a gift certificate in a dollar amount I specify as my way of saying “Thanks” for their business.  Point of sale systems make thank you cards a breeze and many other companies will actually handle this for you if you so choose.
  2. Every Monday morning I also identify every new customer that came into my store the week before and I send them a “Welcome Brochure” with info on the goods and services my store offers.  The brochure also has a gift certificate the client can use at a later date.
  3. Every Wednesday my customer email list (you do have one don’t you?) receives an email blast from me showing this week’s specials or information on a new product line or service we offer.  By the way, I use an easy and simple email service known as Constant Contact to automate this for me…simple and effective!
  4. Every morning I take a few minutes to post something of interest to our Facebook Fan Page (You do have for your store don’t you?)  I suggest posting pictures as they’ve shown to get more views on Facebook than just text alone!
  5. Every day each of my sales associates are required to make contact with at least 3 clients to let them know of new lines & services going on at our store.  Yes, my people do this automatically without me having to look over their shoulder.

The biggest question I receive most is  “How do you have time to do all of this?”  Simple…as owner and chief marketing officer of my store, I get there 30 minutes earlier than anyone else each day and I spend that time working on and developing the systems that run my business.  I’m no different than any of you and if I can do this…you can do it as well!!

Yes its true…we all have a system of “Success” or “Failure” and way too many have surrendered to the “System of Failure”.  Isn’t it about time that you and your jewelry store “Surrender To The System of Success?”  Think about it… “Diamond” Bill Warren is the creator and founder of the Ultimate Jewelers Mastermind group, in-demand coach/speaker to the jewelry industry and author of the Fastest Way To A Full Recovery – 5 Immediate Profit-Enhancing Strategies Jewelers Can Use Today To Create a Thriving Business.  You may contact him at: email:

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