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Why Does Inclusive Sizing Stop at Jewelry?

Extended sizing—or the production of apparel that’s outside the standard straight size run—typically refers to clothing and, in some cases, shoes. But while calls for luxury and high-street brands to produce collections in sizes that better represent the average American woman have been amplified of late, oftentimes the conversation falls short at accessories. It almost becomes a “pick-your-battle type [of] discussion,” one plus-size woman tells Coveteur, noting that it’s hard to be grateful for the progress while still pressuring brands for more inclusive sizing elsewhere in their lines.

“Brands are missing out on a huge client base,” says Kristina Zias, an L.A.-based plus-size model and blogger. “I’ve built quite the jewelry collection and recently realized that I keep purchasing earrings and necklaces because I know they’ll fit. There’s been so many times where I was so excited about an item only to order and receive something that will never fit.” Zias purchased an anklet from a brand back in June only to realize it was too small for her. “I was so disappointed,” she says. “The brand didn’t offer returns, and I contemplated for so long messaging them about the sizing issue, and I never did. You’re kind of left embarrassed, as if it’s your fault.”

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